We’d all love nothing more than a life where all our dreams come true. The challenge is figuring out how to make that happen. Contrary to what we’ve been told, chasing your dreams may not be the best way to reach them. In fact, chasing anything can leave you on burnt out and unhappy. This is a sad reality for many dream chasers.

That’s why I suggest a different approach. Instead of chasing your dreams consider creating a life where what you want chases you. Hear me out…

Your story is unique. It’s yours and only yours. That means the life you’ve always dreamed of won’t exist until you create it. You’ll still have to put in the work but with the right approach, opportunities will begin to seek you out.

So where do you start?

First, you should take an honest look at what could prevent your dreams from chasing you. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

Do you have a plan?

Never start without a plan. You don’t need to know every detail but you should have a basic idea of what you want and how you’re going to get it. Take some time to really think about it. You might discover that you have no idea what you want or how to get it. That simply means you need to focus your goals and create a plan.

Are you doing enough?

Sometimes I find myself extremely motivated one moment and then completely uninspired the next. It’s okay if that happens but success requires consistency. Really ask yourself how badly do you want it. Don’t be afraid to break your routine and make difficult sacrifices. Keep working at it, even when it’s tough or boring. Great things rarely come without putting in the work.

Are you doing too much?

One of my biggest challenges as an entrepreneur is doing too much. I find myself trying to fast-track projects in hopes of seeing immediate results. It’s better to take your time and work diligently. Be intentional about your actions and accomplish one thing at a time. You don’t want to burn out before the opportunities start coming. Remember to enjoy the process and celebrate incremental progress.

Do you give up too easily?

It’s easy to feel discouraged when you aren’t seeing results. You start doubting yourself and eventually consider abandoning your dream. Don’t give up just yet. How you view failure will ultimately shape your success. I stopped viewing failure as failing and now view it as growing. I would rather grow now and be more equipped to handle whatever comes later. Whenever it gets tough, evaluate your situation and find ways to simplify your work.

Are you doing it alone?

Let go of the desire to do it alone and lean on those around you. My most meaningful and impactful accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without support from others. It’s okay to ask for help. From mentors and industry experts to friends and family, you’ll be surprised by how much others will help you. With that being said, use discernment when accepting help.

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